Welcome to our Preschool Program!

How important is preschool? … at Bo Peep we say very, very important. This includes everything from building self-confidence and emotional security to all the learning foundations of reading, writing and math. We very gently and professionally prepare your child for the giant step of starting to school.

We continue to build on the foundations of our toddler programs with activities and play that provide your child with a wonderful day of fun and learning. The day becomes more structured each year as your child grows.   Themes are used that contain a world of activities that teach reading readiness, letters, sounds, sequencing, social skills, science, music and art. Some of the daily activities are circle time, time spent in various learning centers in the classroom and field trips. The class is small and each child is helped individually. In this setting we are dedicated to seeing your child become the best he/she can be because of our love and learning experiences. Children love outside play and we do that daily on our large fenced and shaded playgrounds.

The highlight of our year is our K-4 graduation. In May our children present a program that highlights what they have learned at Bo Peep. The children always make us very proud and everyone has a great time. This program is open to you and your family. All children receive a preschool certificate and a few surprises that make great memories and keepsakes for your child.