Welcome to our Toddler Program!

The toddler years are some of the most active learning years in your child’s life. We give your toddler a chance to be inquisitive as they begin to walk, talk and explore. A big part of every day is spent singing, dancing, and playing. Sensory learning is very important at this age. We fill each day with experiences that stimulate smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste.

As your child grows they are introduced to sounds, body parts, colors, sharing and feelings, shapes and counting. The class size is small to allow the teacher time to love and encourage every toddler so that they will build self-confidence and a wonderful sense of emotional security.

Activities are designed to encourage questions, interaction, confidence and last but not least, they are fun! Toddlers love to play outside and we let them as often as the weather permits. All of our playgrounds are fenced and shaded