Welcome to our Infant Room!

Babies are so special! We understand how tender they are and how concerned you are about their care. At Bo Peep our infant room is small in numbers. Each child has their own personal crib that is clean and safe. The diapering area is completely sanitized and the caregiver changes the counter liner, washes their hands and uses fresh gloves after each diaper change. All babies are held and nurtured every day and always when they are fed their bottle. A written record of feeding, changing, and your child’s day is given to you and the caregiver is available to talk about your child’s day.

We begin to stimulate and grow our infants from the day they are enrolled. Children are moved often, they are read to and/or music is always playing. The toys and activity centers are designed to help a baby begin sitting up, crawling, reaching, grasping and to stimulate brain activity and development. On days when the weather is extremely beautiful, we take our infants outside to swing and experience the outside world.

Our staff is trained in infant first aid and CPR