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You and your child’s happiness is our main concern and we welcome any questions about this information.


1. Center hours are 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. We expect all children to be picked up by 6:00 pm. A charge of $5.00 per quarter hour is expected to be paid to the staff member detained with your child if you do not arrive on time.

2. Our holiday schedule is printed on the back of this brochure. Please note that holiday closings may vary according to the day the holiday falls.

3. In case of inclement weather please listen to WSPA-TV and check our website for any delayed opening or closing. Also, you will find the procedures for an emergency or an evacuation at the end of this booklet. Please become familiar with those procedures.

4. Breakfast is served at 8:00 am. A hot lunch and afternoon snack is also provided.


1. In accordance with state law, you must accompany your child into and out of our buildings.

2. An authorized person must sign your child in and out each day. At that time, please relay any messages you may have for our staff concerning your child. Also in accordance with state law we use a codeword system for release of children from the center in case of an emergency. If anyone other than yourself is to pick up your child, we must be told in advance, they must present a valid driver’s license and know the codeword for the child. Therefore, please give this careful consideration and be aware that it is best if your child DOES NOT know this word.

3. The center must be notified of any absence. Please notify us in advance or first thing in the morning. This is especially important if we are designated to pick up your child at school. Our drivers must account for all children at each school.

4. Please take all of your child’s belongings and medication home at the end of the day.


1. Please make sure ALL your child’s belongings are labeled with your child’s name.

2. A change of clothes, including socks and underwear is required daily, so that if needed, your child can be kept dry and comfortable. We will call you if your child does not have these items.

3. We are not responsible for any personal items brought to the center, and will hold any item that causes a disturbance until time of pickup.


1. Children with contagious illnesses are not allowed in the center. A child with diarrhea, vomiting, or a temperature of 100 or higher is not allowed to at- tend the center. If your child develops any of these symptoms, you will be called to pick up your child. We expect an immediate response as they may need medical attention.

2. Your child must be free from any of the above symptoms for 24 hours with- out the use of any medication before they can return to the center. A state- ment from a physician is required for a child to re-enter school after a conta- gious illness.

3. It is your responsibility to provide this facility with proper verification that all of your child’s immunizations are fully up-to-date. This must be done at the time of enrollment.

4. Medication can only be given with written instructions from you, the parent. ALL medication must be in the original container, display the child’s name and be kept in a locked container while on the premises. Only designated staff members are to give medication and will do so under accordance with center policy and state laws. PLEASE be sure to take home all medicines on a daily basis.


1. Breakfast, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack are served every day at our center. We meet and ex- ceed all FDA guidelines for nutritious meals.

2. If your child brings his/her lunch, please do not send sweets or “junk foods”, but foods that will sustain them throughout the day. All containers of food must be labeled with the child’s name and date.

3. FOR PARENTS OF INFANTS & TODDLERS — State agencies do not per- mit us to mix any formulas. You are responsible for supplying all formulas mixed and clearly labeled with your child’s name and contents of the bottle or container and the day’s date. ALSO, we warm all bottles by placing them in a container of hot water. We MAY use the microwave only in the event of needing multiple bottles at once. Breast milk bottles are never heated in the microwave.

3. All containers and bottles must be plastic and be taken daily for cleaning. DISCIPLINE

1. No corporal punishment is used at our center. We believe in re- warding positive behavior and redirecting negative or disruptive behavior.

2. Any discipline procedures or desires by the parent must be ex- pressed on the enrollment application, signed by the parent and reviewed periodically by the parent in accordance with state laws.

3. The parent will be contacted and expected to assist with resolving consistent disruptive behavior. We also reserve the right to dismiss any child or family whose behavior is detrimental to the center as a whole.


1. All tuition payments are due on Friday by 6:00 for the coming week.

2. A late fee of $25.00 will be added to your account Monday morning if tuition has not been paid.

3. Checks are acceptable as long as your credit is in good standing with the cen- ter. NSF charges of $30.00 will be assessed on any returned checks.

4. Registration fees for insurance coverage are due upon enrollment and each year thereafter by the 3rd Friday in May. This fee is non-refundable.

5. Kindergarten fees for materials and supplies specific to our preschool pro- grams are due upon enrollment and by the 1st Friday of August each year thereafter.

6. Mats are required to be brought by each child for naptime. Those mats may be purchased by you or through the center. If blankets are also brought for naptime, they must be taken home and washed each week.

7. A withdrawal notice given to the director is required if you plan to withdraw your child from our program. Failure to give this notice will result in a charge for a notice week.

8. Vacation allowance is 1 week per child/family per year for which no tuition is required. The year will run from date of enrollment. You must be en- rolled in our center on a year round basis (12 continuous months) and will not be eligible for this until you have been in the center 3 months.

9. There are no exceptions to the weekly tuition . In accordance with state laws our enrollment spaces are very limited and your child’s space must be paid for regardless of illness, weather, personal or family situations.


Our parent referral program allows you to benefit from your satisfaction with our center. When a newly referred child remains in our center for 1 month you will receive a $50.00 credit to your account. Please feel free to take advantage of this often to reduce your tuition costs.

CONFERENCES concerning your child or any question about our center are welcomed by our Director and staff. Please do not hesitate to come to us immediately if you have any concerns.

BO PEEP DAY CARE has an “open door policy”. You are welcome to visit our center at any time. Also, please feel free to contact our Director by phone when questions arise. This will eliminate misunderstandings and give your peace of mind.


Should evacuation of Bo Peep become necessary, the following steps will be taken:

1. “Code Blue” will be the verbal signal given by the director or her agent to all teachers to inform them that an emergency evacuation is needed immediately.

2. Teachers will calmly gather all children under her supervision, she will immediately take a roll call from her class roll, she will take her roll sheet with her and proceed directly out of the building through the exit laid out in the fire evacuation plan.

3. The children will taken to the rear of the playground and IMMEDIATELY the teacher will again take roll to assure all children are accounted for.

4. The children and teacher will remain at the rear of the playground until transportation is coordinated to take them to a safe destination.

5. When evacuation becomes necessary, the director will immediately call the owner of the center and together they will quickly arrange for transportation to remove all children and staff from the center. This will begin by removing all infants and toddlers first and placing them onto our facility vehicles and/or closest available vehicles. Immediate transportation will be called for the remaining persons.. They will be transported to a safe place (i.e. local church, fire department) and parents will be notified to pick up their children immediately.

6. The staff will be trained in this procedure during orientation and drills will be done periodically to reinforce the procedure.


In the event of a child receiving an injury while at Bo Peep, the supervising teacher will immediately seek out the director or her acting agent.

The director or her agent will determine if emergency care is needed using the following guidelines:

1) is the child bleeding so that they would require stitches 2) could the child have a broken bone 3) does the child appear to be having seizures or be in a confused state 4) is the child in excessive pain 5) does child appear to have symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. 6) or any other situation that deems emergency attention would be in the best

interest of the child.

The parent will be contacted immediately. The child will be transported in one of the facility’s vehicles, that is equipped with emergency information on the child, to the nearest urgent care facility. If necessary, an emergency back-up person will be called to maintain proper ratios.

The person transporting the child will remain with the child until a parent or emergency contact arrives and that contact has been briefed on the accident by the Bo Peep agent.